What are cookies?

Please click here to read more about cookies.

Do I have to enable cookies to use this site?


Why do I get the error message Cookies Disabled or Blocked?

You see the error message because the system failed to read back a test cookie from your browser.

How can I enable cookies for this site?

If you are using Internet Explorer look at the status bar and see if you can find a icon of an eye with a red circle next to it. (see image below)


Double click on the icon and a screen like this will come up.


Double click on one of the sites listed in "Web sites with content on the current page:" and a screen like this will come up.


Select "Always allow this site to use cookies.", hit the "Ok" button and close out of all dialog boxes.

Close all your web browsers, open a new browser and try again.

Does the cookie track my actions?

No. The cookie is there to identify you to the server. The server uses this id to "remember" you between page visits. It DOES NOT track your web usage.